Review: Brave

Saw Brave Tuesday of this week. I wasn't excited at all about seeing this movie because I have had this movie shoved down my throat every time that I turned around. Kept hearing about how Merida was the first female lead in a Pixar movie lead.

It was a interesting movie but I feel like the premise has been done so many times before in movies like Freaky Friday. It was the same premise as Freaky Friday where as the daughter and mother don't get along and they both say that the other doesn't understand them. There is always a spell that happens and they always switch lives with each other or in the case of Brave the mom turns into the bear that had eaten her father's leg when she was little.

The animation on the other hand was amazing. I did notice that one of the clan's leader name is Lord McIntosih in honor of Steve Jobs who had bought shares of Pixar and also the biggest supporter of Pixar. At the end credits in they have a little "In Memory Of" for Steve Jobs. That was a very special touch towards anyone who loves Apple or knows of the relation between Pixar and Apple.


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