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Push the talking trash can

Sad news in the Disney world to report. Those of you that know of Push the Talking Trash Can will be sad because they have retired his as on February 9th. Many in the Disney community have been arguing about if it was true or not but a screen shot of a internal Disney message board stated that they aren't having him anymore. As of today (February 10th) Disney said that since contract negotiations are confidential they are willing to admit that they couldn't come to terms and agree on continuing with the guy who made Push. If you don't know who Push is he is a trash can that moves around Tomorrowland at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and he talks with guests, dances with them and just interacts with them.

5 year old Disney star getting threats

Disney Star Mia Talerico who is 5 years old has been getting online death threats. Her mother alerted Disney security when she noticed the threats on her daughters Instagram account. Once Disney security was alerted they brought it to the attention of the LAPD. So as of now the LAPD are investing these "very sensitive" threats against her life. She started recieving messages such as how she should "die in hell" back in January according to TMZ.

Mia Talerico is on one of Disney's most popular show "Good Luck Charlie" which has made news recently for featuring the first openly gay couple on the Disney network set to air this past January. NO one is sure if the threats that were said against her were due to the gay couple on the show or if it is about something else.