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To those reading my blog what is your fond memory of going to any of the Disney parks?

I have so many fond memories of being at Disneyland. Skipping school to go run around Disneyland, running around the parks when I was 18 for the first time, seeing the Christmas and 50th fireworks, going there with my now fiancé, my fiancé proposing to me in front of the castle on valentines day and so many more.

Just even talking about anything Disney is a memory because people get to see my love for Disney and truly see just how magical it is. When they hear about the little details about the parks they love it. They are always asking about what is going on there and why is new.

So please some of your fond memories in the comments.

Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room - Original Show

Back in the 60's this was the most awesome thing that people had ever seen. It is still currently in Disneyland in Adventureland. 

World of Color

For me personally I have always been amazed by Fantasmic because I have grown up with that water show/live action. So when I heard that California Adventure was getting their own water show I had very mixed emotions about World of Color. I am still not amazed by WOC it may take many years for me to fully appreciate this water show. I have seen this water show. My Fiancé and I were standing front row and almost to the center. I was by far more enthralled by the mechanics of the show then I was paying attention to the show. 

Walt Disney World's "Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!" Street Party

I love high energy parades. I really do. Sadly Disneyland doesn't have any more of the high energy parades. Only Walt Disney World have them. 

ElecTRONica reaches the end of the line.

It is very sad that ElecTRONica has ended. This by far was one of the reasons why I went into California Adventure at night. It was a perfect mix of two of my favorite things: Tron: Legacy and dance music. It will be sad to see it go but will also be exciting the next thing that they will do to replace. 

Disney Dreams! Disneyland Paris Opening Night 20th Anniversary

This is in my top three favorite favorite firework shows that Disney has done.

Beauty and the Beast Live stage production.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always adored Beauty and the Beast and everything about the story. When I found this I cried so hard with joy that there was such a well done production of the story let alone done by Disney. It was by far the best 24 minutes and 39 seconds of my life. 

Dream Along with Mickey.

Since I live on the West coast with the original Disneyland I resort to YouTube to see the different shows that happen at Walt Disney World. This show that they do in front of the Castle is pretty magical. 

Please enjoy. 

A look at Cars Land

I am super excited for Cars Land I can't even explain it. This video that Disney has put together to show the different things that will be in Cars land. I love The Blue Sky Celler because they show the guests all the cool and different things that they will be putting into California Adventure. 
Also included in this post is of the neon signs that will light up the night sky when Cars Land. 

Please enjoy this short video and leave comments if you would like to know more. 

Star Tours Commercials

When Star Tours 2.0 was going to open I was excited about the changes and all the different destinations that were part of it. But when I saw this commercial I was overjoyed with excitement that I couldn't stand the wait. I was lucky enough to go on Star Tours 2.0 a week before it officially opened and I couldn't believe the changes. Yes I am going to miss Rex but I know he is in a good place in the line as one of the visuals that you can see. So he is still part of the line. 
I am glad that the updated Star Tours because it was so outdated like the old video film. Yes it is rather tacky with the 3D because most people can't do 3D but it does add nice effects to the ride. The best part is the line just to see the updates to it. Yes they did change the star crusier so that it doesn't have the meteor dents in it anymore (favorite part) but when you get into the next room they are now doing luggage checks instead of the robot fixing the same robot after all these years. …

Goofy's vacation Guide.

Many people think that you can do everything at Disneyland in just a day.  If you go during the super slow season then there might be a chance. When you take a vacation with little ones there is no chance of seeing everything because your kids may be too little to ride some of the big rides. If the kids want to meet the characters there goes most of your day trying to find them and also waiting in those long lines just to get a photo and say hi to them for thirty seconds. 
Here is a guide that Goofy is part of to show you how to plan for your vacation to any of the Disney parks. 

Creating magical memories.

It is people like Barbra to create such magical, long lasting memories to those who have seen her. I found a video that someone had recorded of her during this parade and I fell in love with her. After that I loved watching videos of her and wished that more of the Disney employees had this much joy and energy that they bring.