Star Tours Commercials

When Star Tours 2.0 was going to open I was excited about the changes and all the different destinations that were part of it. But when I saw this commercial I was overjoyed with excitement that I couldn't stand the wait. I was lucky enough to go on Star Tours 2.0 a week before it officially opened and I couldn't believe the changes. Yes I am going to miss Rex but I know he is in a good place in the line as one of the visuals that you can see. So he is still part of the line. 

I am glad that the updated Star Tours because it was so outdated like the old video film. Yes it is rather tacky with the 3D because most people can't do 3D but it does add nice effects to the ride. The best part is the line just to see the updates to it. Yes they did change the star crusier so that it doesn't have the meteor dents in it anymore (favorite part) but when you get into the next room they are now doing luggage checks instead of the robot fixing the same robot after all these years. When you do get into that room in the busy time of the day make sure you watch the video. It is pretty cool what shows up on the screen. A cool interesting fact is that the robot that does the luggage checks and also was fixing the robot is a stripped down chicken from The Country Bear Jamboree. Only this time around he is even more stripped down. 


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