Saving Mr. Banks review

So I saw Saving Mr. Banks recently and I loved it. The movie protrays Walt wanting to make Mary Poppins into a movie but having to work with because she wanted it to be done her way with out all the fluff that Walt would have put I to the movie. It was a battle between Walt, Sherman brothers and the author and the other guy. 

The movie had flash backs of her life having an alohic father who couldn't hold a steady job and uprooting the family far away from where they were living. Her mom couldn't handle having three children while taking care of her husband so she called in the nanny to help take care of everything. 

Many people are complaining that they made her into a very mean person who wanted everything her way. If they had done any kind of research on the history of the making and history of it then they would have known that she was even more difficult to work with and so was Walt. Atthe vey end of the movie during the credits they played actual audio recordings that she insisted on recording and you can tell how difficult she really was. 

Over it was an amazing story to watch and most of the history of the movie I didn't know about. 


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